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      World Class Fishing

      Utopia Bay Lodge is a fully equipped rustic bin loted on the west coast of Vancouver Island, near Gold River, B.C.

      Nootka Sound is a well-known fishing paradise and one of the best lotions to enjoy fishing for salmon, halibut, prawns and more! Experience an unbelievable stay with all facilities in a quiet environment away from the crowds. The main bin n accomodate up to 10 guests and we have a smaller bin for 4 more guests.

      The lodge is loted in Nootka Sound Inlet on the Pacific Ocean near the beautiful Bligh Island Provincial Marine Park. Just a 5 minutes'boat ride from the open sea.

      Utopia Bay Lodge is surrounded by wildlife. You'll enjoy watching all kinds of birds, sea lions and otters. Whales are also often spotted in the area.


      Utobia Bay lodge is a full-featured rustic lodge

      High season

      June 15th to July 15th / August 15th to September 15th

      • Main bin 10 guests : $550/day*
      • Smaller bin 4 guests* : $250/day*
      • Both bins - up to 14 guests : $650/day*

      Peak season

      July 15th to August 15th

      • Main bin 10 guests : $700/day*
      • Smaller bin 4 guests* : $300/day*
      • Both bins - up to 14 guests : $800/day*

      Lower prices in low season, please ll us for more information.

      *All prices are listed in nadian dollars. Cheque, Visa, Master rd are accepted. Deposit 30%, balance due 30 days prior to your reservation dates.

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      Please ll us at 250-283-7391 (Roger) or 250-283-2388 (Mike)
      llers outside North Ameri dial 1-250-283-2388
      Contact us by email

      Lotion - OUR GPS COORDINATES ARE 49 39 21 N, 126 33 07 W.